Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you nervous?

In the last few weeks leading up to today I've been asked this question a lot.  The answer: "No, not really"
The next question is then "Are you excited?" My answer: "No, not yet.  It doesn't seem real yet.  I will be once I drive into Penticton"  I think the most fun question is "Are you ready?"  I always laugh when I answer that one "Well, it doesnt really matter if im ready or not, cause its 1 week away.  Whether Im ready or not, Im in it!"

So, am I ready?  While swimming at fastlanes, the coaches told me I look like a real swimmer my technique  and speed are there.  While riding around on my bike, I've been told I look like a real cyclist nice bike, tight lycra, and I guess I actually look like a cyclist  While running, I've been told I look like a real runner strong, speedy and good technique.  Someone even told me they try and look like me while running :) I wasn't sure my muscles were...bigger and stronger then previous years.  Maybe it's just my technique that's improved.  But no, my physiotherapist assured me that the muscles on my legs were bigger and stronger then last year.  Well, I look like a real swimmer, cyclist and runner.  My technique is on and I've got bigger and stronger muscles.  My body is ready.  Is my mind?  

That's what this week will all be about.  Getting my mind ready.  Visualize.  Reassure.  Most importantly, recall all the words of support that are coming in my way from friends and family.