Sunday, March 27, 2011

"weirdos" at the pool

Okay, maybe they aren't weirdos, but certain people display behavior that I find unusual and others downright irritating.  I'll let you be the judge  I already mentioned the male swimmer wearing camouflage speedos.  Fine, maybe he really, really likes camo, or he's in the army, or it was on sale?? But what about the man wearing white speedos?  Yes, white does become transparent in most wet bathing suits.  It's a good thing that most bathing suits and speedos will double layer the front side to protect from this.  Unfortunately, the back side lacks this protection.  Then there are the swimmers who like to drown themselves in cologne so that they don't drown in the pool? It must be that cheap cologne that helps them float If I can smell you in the water, as in, as I'm swimming towards the end of the pool where you happen to be catching your breath after that fabulous all out sprint, then you've put on too much.  Speaking of fabulous all out sprints, if you know you cant hold your pace for the full 50 meters of the pool, then let me go first instead of cutting me off and splashing and kicking water everywhere.  I'm just going to pass you half way down the lane!  If you get to the end of the lane, please look before pushing off to do your next lap.  If I'm right there behind you, its because it was too dangerous (on coming swimmers) for me to pass you, so I slowly swam behind you until you got to the end of the lane.  If you and your swimming posse are doing some drills that require all 4 of you to wear fins on your feet and paddles on your hands and you MUST draft off each other's current while fabulously sprinting 100 meters only to spread out and catch your breath at the end of the lane.....DONT! this is a PUBLIC pool, not your own private pool! you cant take up a whole lane to yourselves by not letting anyone else swim before, you or between your swimming posse.  Heaven forbid I should try and swim before you because you'll drown me under the waves of water kicked up while you pass me using your fins and paddles....all FOUR of you.
My ultimate, NUMBER ONE PEEVE are the men who stand in the hot tub facing the jets.  Does that "massage" feel good? Happy ending??  You are in a PUBLIC space, STOP IT!!

Well, I guess this post turned into a swimming rant more then anything.  But the original inspiration for my post stemmed from two swimmers this evening who seemed to be observing how I swam.  This is normal.  Sometimes I do it before getting into the water or after I'm done.  So why did I think this particular instance was unusual?  And I'm not being egotistical, it was the two-beat kick they were interested in Well, instead of standing on deck or watching from the end of the lane, these two guys decided they would swim two thirds of the way down the lane and while standing on the opposite side of the swimming traffic/flow, watch as I swam past them.  After a few bouts of this, they used a new method of observation.  The under water kind. 
If I knew who these people were, or even if they had asked permission to observe so closely, then I wouldn't have been so weirded out!


  1. Which pool do you swim at? hmmm.... creepers.

  2. At the Aquatic Centre downtown.
    total creepers!!

  3. Yup, that sounds like the Aquatic Centre! The things we put up with to swim in a 50 metre pool!


  4. Thanks for sharing! This is as creepy and disturbing as it was funny to read.

  5. i always wear white speedos and yes they do go see thru

  6. i always wear white speedos wen i go swimming. and they do go a bit see thru.