Sunday, July 31, 2011

less then 30 days to go...

...and in the last 3-4 weeks I've gone through a lot of different emotions.  When I realized I only had 7 more weeks left I suddenly felt like I wasnt ready.  Not nearly as ready as I had been the first or second time.  I rarely got through a week of completing all 11 workouts!  I shouldnt have slept through so many bike rides, or slept in on those long runs.  Why didnt I just ride on my trainer at night?

And then, it happened.  The injury. Tenosynovitis in my leg.  Not too serious, but serious enough that it left me unable to run for two weeks.  Now instead of worrying about whether or not I would finish under 12 hours because I chose sleep over training, I was worrying about the prospect of having to speed walk/limp the marathon...or worse, pull out of the race completely! 

I was suppose to be leaving for Penticton in a few days for a training weekend.  Was there any point of me going up to Penticton to ride the bike course and run and swim too of course?  Well actually, the morning before I was suppose to leave for Penticton, I woke up unable to lift my arm any higher then shoulder height.  I must have slept on it funny so really, was I going up to Penticton just to ride 180km?  I've already ridden the course at least 5 times, do I really need to go? Might as well.  Hotel is already paid for.  Armed with compression socks, ibprofen and the idea of getting a teeny tiny "vacation" I departed for my summer home, away from home; The Rochester. 

Overall, the weekend was a success!  My shoulder re-gained its mobility with lots of stretching and ibprofen, my leg held out for the run, and the ride...I made my peace with those 180 kms.  Most importantly though, the weekend left me feeling ready for the race.  Finishing sub 12 is still within reach!  I'm going to have to work really hard and use my head.

Other thoughts...during long solo rides where I loop UBC and Iona repeatedly thinking about how Im unable to go watch a movie, go to the beach or just hang out with friends...while they're doing so at that moment I tell myself that this will be the last Ironman I ever do.  Now, with less then a month to go, yes I'm excited for it to all be over, but I'm also sad that itll all be over.  I dont want to see it end again.  I've even thought about registering for next year.  A tiny, tiny part of me really wants to.  Seriously. 

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