Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a very late post-oliver race report

i think i see moths flying around....its been awhile.. too long....

So, Oliver.  Half ironman.  2k swim, 93km bike and 21km run.
39:57 swim, 2:59 bike, 1:55 run.  Finish time 5:44 (and that time includes a 2 min penalty that I got...)

10 out of 37 women in my age group, 44 out of 327 women and 232 out of 783 athletes.

Im going (to try) to keep this short and sweet.
Strictly looking at time, I had a great race! I finished 10 mins faster then last year and I landed in the top ten for my age group (females).
Mentally, it was the worst race i'd ever done.  I was pretty nervous getting into the water to do my first open-water swim of the year and during the mini-tri the day before I totally panicked while splashing around in the lake.  It took some time, but I finally calmed down and managed to get about 15 mins of swimming done.  The ride and run to follow was cake.  Nevertheless, the swim experience didnt leave me feeling too positive the morning of the race.  Determined not to let it get to me, I set out in the lake for a 15 min warm up pre race.  However, after getting into a rhythm, another swimmer and I swam right into each other  you would think in a huge lake the chances of swimming head on into someone would be slim It wouldnt have been so bad if it hadnt been for this guy's hand punching me in the face though!!!  There i was, treading water in the lake, crying slightly as the other swimmer asked if i was ok.
Back on shore.....I was doing everything I could to keep myself calm.  It didnt work too well.  3...2...1..go....i get into the water and im hyperventilating and swallowing water while arms and legs and bodies are pushing me around and water splashing everywhere....I decide ill head to my far left where its not as congested to try and get away from the mean crowd of swimmers.  Well, after that it was too much zig zag swimming and not enough straight swimming.  I should have had a better swim time. I know im faster.  
lesson learned.  dont freak out.  im a fast swimmer.  dont let ppl push me around.  im going to be a whole new menacing swimmer for IMC this year.

the bike.  it wasnt fantastic, but it wasnt bad either.  no wait, let me take that back.  It was fantastic because I finished 10 mins faster and under 3 hours, but it was bad because I got a penalty.  After riding 93km (actually 91? 92?? according to garmin gps systems) I go to dismount and because I unclipped just after rolling over the dismount line I got a penalty! what a bad ass triathlete i am.  oooh im a rebel! im gonna win the race by dismounting just after the dismount line  rules are rules! so I walked the walk of shame over to the tent and stretched and re-fueled for 2 mins all while trying not to make eye contact with other tri-athletes because the penalty tent is RIGHT in front of the entrance to the bike transition.
In retrospect, the 2 mins of rest was a welcomed rest for the legs and mind before changing into and getting ready for the 21.1km run (which again was longer then 21.1km according to garmin gps systems)

The run.  Again, not fantastic but not bad either.  I normally get my running legs back after 3-5km, but this time it took a good 10km and even then something was off I had the engery to push, but I couldnt push.  I know now, that its because my new bike shoes were too tight you know when you wear tight shoes for too long or heels for too long and after you take them off the first few steps are tender, well thats what it was like running for 21.1km...but i was a buttercup and i tried to suck it up 

And, that's that! 
There, now I dont have to feel guilty about not blogging about the race.  And now I can freely blog about other random training stuff....


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  1. Awesome job and way to persevere through it all!